In 2008, four individuals with various backgrounds started meeting for coffee to talk about what was missing in Colorado Springs. Over a series of dialogues, we were bonded by our intentions to explore the missing links and to be catalysts for change.

Our frustrations centered on the lack of community leadership and engagement. While we heard that people felt powerless to make changes in their own communities, we did not hear about those same people strengthening the relationships to make the changes they wanted to see. We heard about what was missing in the community, but we did not hear about the collective community commitment that could ultimately lead to more effective leadership and an enhanced living environment.

When we asked people what they loved about Colorado Springs, we learned they loved it for the natural features we cannot change: air quality, scenery, climate, and access to nature. However, the greatest frustrations we have about the city are the features that we have the power to change.

We realized that our community is failing to capitalize on the human potential present here and we no longer want to be passive participants. We want to stop complaining and instead take responsibility for the changes we want to make. We realized, “I have the potential to make this city great.” It is this realization that motivated us to begin a community-wide dialogue.

The concept “icoloradosprings” was created to be the springboard for dialogue, inclusion, creativity, and change. The community wants and needs to read your ideas to make change. We want to know: If we gave you a paintbrush and a blank canvas, how would you “color” Colorado Springs? What if your ideas were the ones we have been missing and your actions alone made this city great? Thinking beyond the natural characteristics of this city, what does this city need to set it apart from the rest?

We invite the individuals living in Colorado Springs to weave a metropolitan fabric that makes it a unique and a cool place to live. We all want to live in a city that embraces the various voices, talents, passions and abilities available to us. Build a vibrant and colorful community, a city center that elicits pride, passion, and creativity. Sink your roots here, create a community you are proud of, and be a part of the change.

Our first question to you is, “How could Colorado Springs rock?” We have provided you a blank canvas and a paintbrush. Send us your ideas and we will share them with our world. What is the best thing that could happen?

Our second question, launching in mid-February 2011 is, "How could the next mayor rock Colorado Springs?"

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And check out this site in San Francisco that stole our idea; they call themselves ihaightsf.


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