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PEOPLE=POTENTIALIf everyone did one thing every month to help create community, we would have a strong and vibrant community....To the powers that be-look at other cities that seem to be thriving and embrace their ideas~ CS needs to go green if we are ever going to see the "green" again- Invest in Public transit from Trinidad to Denver....Urban agriculture projects can be done on vacant and city owned lots-Create a children's sustainability museum/school- let's teach them for real how they need to operate before it's too late- A Great first step would be a city sponsored compost and recycling program for residents.....No more plastic bags-you forget yours you pay! Encourage bike to work or work from home to save on gas costs and fossil fuels. Tell the military to invest in PEACE initiatives throughout the city! transformation can happen!

A children's museum or an aquarium would be so great for families have a reason to come downtown.

1. More concerts2. BETTER radio stations - NO MORE OLD ROCK!3. We NEED A MODERN JAZZ STATION & intelligent DJs!4. BETTER public transportation that uses electric vehicles, is affordable & is 3X/an hour. 5. MORE CONSISTENT parking meters. We are often downtown for several hours & the meters & after we FIND a parking spot, we discover it is only for 1/2 hr., an hour or just less than the time we plan to spend downtown. 6. OFFER AN INCENTIVE plan for new, unique shop owners to start a business on Tejon. Sad that Hathaway's & Chinook closed. More quality shops than Real Estate/Phones/Big American businesses. More local stuff.7. Block off Tejon to make it pedestrian from Pikes Peak to Boulder.8. Businesses open later on Tejon...and not just the bars. No more bars on Tejon, please.9. Offer locals great discounts on parking, bus service, restaurants - punch cards, special dining days (weeknight?)10.Promote Colorado Springs as a pedestrian-friendly town so that all communities could walk to a local movie, coffee shop, grocery store and put in sufficient side-walks to do so. Americans need to walk more & get outside!We need more 'kid' things to do, like an aquarium, small but quality amusement park, quality kid museum (could be used for field trips), educational opportunities, famous lecturers/authors, use of the local colleges to promote education. CC is the only college that 'gives face time' to the community. Colleges are a haven of learning & think tanks & that should be open to the community.

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