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Do you have something interesting to share and converse about? Is there something that Colorado Springs should know, but doesn't seem to be aware of? If you would like to write something, have us publish it here on our site so others can learn and talk about it, then please click here and submit an article. You don't even have to sign up or share your contact information. We just want your name and your story about our city.

Got an idea that will make COS rock even harder?

If all you need is some financial support to get your ingenious, innovative, and creative idea off the ground, perhaps you should consider applying for an ingenuity grant from the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF). Individuals (especially those who might consider themselves social entrepreneurs) in the Pikes Peak region are highly encouraged to submit their community project ideas to PPCF in order to receive project dollars, ranging from $500 to $5,000. The foundation is especially interested in funding projects in the following areas: food and community; economic strength/development; and arts, music, and cultural resources. Don’t see a focus area or dollar amount that fits your idea - who cares - apply anyway - what’s the worst that could happen?

Quit talking about making a difference, and actually start improving your community. Do your part to make Colorado Springs rock; turn your great idea into a community project; and apply for an ingenuity grant. For more info check out: http://www.ppcf.org/IngenuityGrantsOverview

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