how could colorado springs rock?

The purposes of the “How could Colorado Springs rock?” postcard campaign are to elevate the voices of the community, share great ideas, and inspire people to act. The postcards are intended to be catalysts for creativity, dialogue, passion, and leadership. Submit a postcard that describes your ideas on how to build a vibrant city center, one that elicits pride and passion. After you peruse the other postcards, make your or someone else’s idea a reality. Let us know what happens…    

  • Downtown Stadium: It would be nice to have a Baseball stadium downtown and a plaza surrounding it.
  • Create every opportunity to draw people to your downtown. Between the permanent residents and tourists, and your 300+ sunny days a year, create some energy and attractions to keep folks coming downtown.
  • There are buskers in Boulder and sidewalk portrait artists in Manitou Springs...go get some!
  • Make Tejon the ped mall you talked about in the recent 'Independent' article. Some shade trees, picnic tables, benches, artwork and ??? would make the CS downtown a huge draw, a center of activity and a dynamic presence.
  • Sweep away the unused shuffleboard courts in the city park and install a band shell or a performance venue. Free performances of all kinds would be a draw and enrich the community.
  • Find a way to remove the parking meters and also open up the city parking garages in the evening for free parking. Stop making it so easy for so many people to use 'lack of parking' as an excuse to come downtown. I must have drove around downtown for 15 minutes on Friday evening (the 26th) before finding a parking spot. If not for the great ice cream at Josh and John's, I would have given up and went DQ. Yuk.
  • Capitalize on the views of Pikes Peak and the Rockies and pull the tourists into the downtown. They need to eat, and shop.
  • Bring back the free shuttle!
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